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Context & Environment

In a team framework context:

  •  Guarantee the accomplishment of the drilling and completion in compliance with international standards, safety and
    environmental protection, all while optimizing costs and lead times
  • Ensure the suitability to operational requirements of personnel, equipment and services
  • Contribute to improving equipment, services and operational procedures
  • Training of local staff.


  • Preparation & follow up all related to call for tenders for service & equipment contracts
  • Review operations programs
  • Supervise the implementation of operation programs
  • Control the activity of contractors and supervisors
  • Personally supervise delicate or risky operations
  • Optimize operations in relation with engineering, geology and reservoir entities
  • Optimize rig equipment in relation with contractors
  • Analyze the instantaneous data
  • Anticipate potential problems and plan alternative strategies
  • Compose and review operating procedures
  • Ensure the reliability of technical information
  • Control daily and final reporting of wells or operations
  • Participate in the production of technical and operational syntheses
  • Conduct or check costs follow-up
  • Optimize the activities of service providers and assess their performance
  • Ensure the respect of safety rules,
    • Anticipate needs
    • Organize and coordinate all logistic supplying
    • Contribute to the improvement of skills and the know-how
    • Participate in budget preparation
    • Train job holders.


In charge of preparing and drilling one subsea well in Aljurf offshore filed using semi sub Rig,

  • In charge of preparing call for tenders related to drilling and completion services and purchases equipment
  • Supervise contractors while operation in progress.
  • Ensuring implementation of drilling program on-site
  • Familiarize with Landmark engineering software

Qualifications / Experience Required

  • B.Sc. in Petroleum, Mechanical or Chemical Engineering or equivalent.
  • Very good knowledge of spoken & written English.
  • 15 years’ experience offshore drilling/completion, including offshore exposure:
    1. Experience in subsea Drilling & completion (semi-sub rig)
    2. Equipment and techniques of implementation
    3. Offshore Logistics experience
    4. Familiar with international slandered & rules (preferable TOTAL rules)
    5. Simultaneous operations
    6. Well and environmental safety
    7. Certifications
    8. Cost control and follow-up
    9. Call for tender process and Contracts
    10. Framework of the Group’s and host countries’ regulations
    11. Manage of multicultural teams
    12. Analyze the risks


Drilling and Well Services



Expiration Date

April 1, 2020

Apply Now

  • Hai-Demashq, Tripoli,Libya
  • +218 21 444 494 69



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