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Date: 2021-06-16



    TIGI Oilfield Services is a well established Libyan Company in Libya to get involved in the activities of Supplying Administration & General Maintenance Technical Services, Engineering, Projects – Construction – Supervision, Drilling & WorkOver Completion, Maintenance and Repair in Oil & Gas Refineries, Storage Facilities and Petrochemical Plants related Facilities in Libya.
    TIGI Oilfield Services started with the philosophy of completing the projects in accordance with International Standards to the satisfaction of our clients. This philosophy has been established and should maintain so that we can earn the trust of our clients.
    To maintain credibility with our clients, TIGI Oilfield Services will have the services of our professional Engineers, Consultants, Supervisors, Technicians/Specialist and Skilled Workers who will ensure that our performances in every project are in accordance with International Standards and Practices.

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    • Hai-Demashq, Tripoli - Libya
    • +218 21 444 494 69


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    • Hai-Demashq, Tripoli,Libya
    • +218 21 444 494 69


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